Episode 43: Sex Work and Podcasting: A Conversation with Vanessa Carlisle, Siouxsie Q and Kaytlin Bailey

Here’s to another week and another episode How Do You Like it So Far? fans!  We have a two-part series for you where Colin and Henry welcome Lauren Levitt, a Ph.D. Candidate in Communications at USC Annenberg and a former student of Henry’s as a guest interviewer for a special sex workers and podcasting episode.  In Part One, Lauren interviews Siouxsie Q, a sex worker, a policy advocate and organizer for the ACLU Southern California, and co-host of the podcast Ill-Repute, along with Vanessa Carlisle, a Professor of Queer Studies at California State University, Northridge and creator of the On the Dresser podcast.  They unravel common misconceptions about sex work and the complicated relationship between feminism and the sex workers rights movement.  They weigh in on the current policies, such as SESTA/FOSTA, and their attempt to dismantle the industry and endanger the safety of sex workers.  In Part Two, Lauren speaks to Kaytlin Bailey, the creator of The Oldest Profession Podcast, a stand up comic and the Director of Communications for Decriminalize Sex Work.  They discuss the difference between sex work and human trafficking and the law enforcement mindset of rescuing sex workers from their professions.  They also examine the role of sex work in popular culture from HBO’s The Deuce TV show to the recent release of mega-hit Hustlers. Listen in as Lauren, Colin and Henry speak to these extraordinary women about their work and the importance of sex workers claiming their own narratives in popular culture.  

Here are some of the things mentioned in this episode, for those who want to dig a little deeper:

History of Sex Worker Rights

Sex Work is World’s Oldest Profession
     Transactional sex between animals

Definition of Sex Work

Movies, TV Shows and Music Mentioned in this Podcast:
The Deuce
     Season 2, Episode 7 about decriminalizing sex work
Hustlers Movie
     Hired Jacq the Stripper as a consultant 
Cam Movie
Peep Show Podcast
Taxi Driver
RuPaul’s Drag Race
Paris is Burning

A Little about Siouxsie: 
Worked at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco
A part of  the Adult Performers Advocacy Committee
Siouxsie’s Piece for Rolling Stone
Whorecast – Siouxsie’s Podcast from 2012 (Discontinued)

Vanessa’s Don’t Hate My Heels Zine

Episodes from Siouxsie’s Ill-Repute Podcast:
Co-host – Sovereign Syre
Anne Bonny + Mary Reed
Lizzie Borden
Women of Trump

Policies and Laws Discussed in the Episode: 
Proposition 35
     Amends Communications Decency Act of 1996
     Doesn’t impact trafficking
     Internet as a platform for sex workers to screen their clients
SB 233
SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project) Sacramento
Kristen DiAngelo
     Pearl Callahan
Proposition 60

Scott Wiener sponsor of the bill
SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project) Sacramento
Kristen DiAngelo
     Pearl Callahan
Proposition 60

Difference between Sex Work and Sex Trafficking

Federal anti-trafficking funding for local law enforcement

Officials No Longer Prosecuting Prostitution: 
George S. Gascon (former San Francisco District Attorney)
Tiffany Caban (Queens District Attorney)

McDonald’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Combahee River Collective

Robert Kraft (Owner of the New England Patriots) Sting

Saving sex workers

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Please note: PJ and Jessie Sage are actually from Pittsburgh

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