Episode 105: Transforming Media Pedagogies with Paul Mihailidis, Sangita Shresthova, Megan Fromm

This week, we have Paul Mihailidis,Sangita Shresthova and Megan Fromm talking about their insights, stories, and theories in their book Transformative Media Pedagogies. We start with the three authors’ inspirations for their book, and then our guests share their definition of transformation, before discussing more detailed contexts for transformative media pedagogies and their mutual and crucial experiences at the Salzburg Academy which inspired them to write the book. Last but not least, we specifically talked about three sections in the book: care, imagination, and agency, and their importance for transformative media pedagogies, commenting on how to build those transformative experiences into teachers’ specific teaching contexts.

Paul Mihailidis‘s research explores the nexus of media literacies, community activism and engagement in civic life. He is the Founding Graduate Program Director of the newly launched MA in Civic Media: Art and Practice, a 12-month applied masters program that pairs students with organizational partners to solve problems at scale, and Faculty Chair and Director of the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change, a program that annually gathers scholars and students from around the world to investigate media and global citizenship. His most recent books, Civic Media Literacies (Routledge), Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice (w/ Eric Gordon, MIT Press) and Media Literacy and the Emerging Citizen: Youth, Engagement and Participation in Digital Culture (Peter Lang) explore the ways in which citizens use media to meaningful participate in civic life in the digital age.  

Sangita Shresthova is a writer, thinker, speaker, researcher, and doer.  She is an expert in online learning, media literacies, popular culture, cross-cultural performance, digital media, and civic engagement. 

Megan Fromm is an affiliated faculty member in Emerson College and got her PhD in the University of Maryland. 

A full transcript of this episode will be available soon!

Here are some of the references from this episode, for those who want to dig a little deeper:

Transformative Media Pedagogies

Max Reinhardt

Margaret Mead on Original Salzburg Academy on American Civilization

Spreadable Spectacle in Digital Culture: Civic Expression, Fake News, and the Role of Media Literacies in “Post-Fact” Society

Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

Student Press Law Center

Paolo Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

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